Boz Energy is the parent company consisting of several affiliates devoted themselves in whole to the generation, transmission, distribution and preservation of energy for the sake of mankind benefits. With the pioneer affiliate established in 2008 Boz Energy is aiming to serve the whole world with affiliates dedicated to every aspect of energy.



Construction of Transmission Lines

Construction of overhead transmission lines worldwide on a turnkey basis. Carrying out EPC contracts based on our 10 years of experience.

Manufacturing of Transmission Line Towers

Manufacture and supply of galvanized lattice steel towers and structures for use in overhead transmission lines, telecommunication and several types of industrial steel structures in our factory to be established in 100 acres of land equipped with state-of- art machineries and qualified staff. Targeted production capacity of 36,000 Tons/Year will adequately serve all domestic and international demands.

Design of Transmission Lines

Our well-known design group provides the most reliable services for the design of transmission lines including but not limited to design of towers, poles, any kind of steel structures, overhead transmission line route studies, preliminary engineering survey, profile survey, tower spotting with PLS-CADD, and foundation design.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Protection of steel against corrosion by the most efficient and reliable process called hot dip galvanizing in which steel members are coated by zinc layer. Galvanization process is carried out in our modern facilities within closed systems with a capacity of 80,000 Tons/Year.

Manufacturing of Bolts

Production of bolts, nuts, washers, anchors for use in any kind of steel lattice structures especially for electricity transmission lines in full accordance with international standards and customer technical specifications.

Manufacturing of Poles

Design, production, installation, sales and marketing of galvanized steel polygonal and tubular poles for electricity transmission lines, distribution lines, telecommunication poles, lightning and advertisement poles.

Manufacturing of Telecommunication Towers

Design, production and supply of galvanized steel lattice and polygonal towers and poles for the telecommunication industry such as communication towers, antenna towers, GSM towers, TV towers, radio towers, radar towers and so on.

Design and Construction of Substations

Design, engineering, procurement and construction of substations and switchgears at various voltage levels. Our services include civil works of substation buildings, mechanical and electrical installation and supply of all equipment, testing, commissioning and handover to the client.

Construction of Transmission Line in IRAQ

Turnkey construction and EPC contract implementation of overhead transmission lines ranging from 33kV up to 400kV at all challenging terrain conditions. Our services also include complete line design, project management, supervision, foundation construction, tower erection and conductor stringing activities with qualified staff, tools, equipment and machinery.

Constructions of Buildings

Bozlar Yapı offers services for the construction of buildings, general contracting activities, property management and investment developments.


Client Length Scope of Work Location Contract Date Completion Date
Polteks Doga / MoE 19 km Turnkey Project Erbil Nov.2012 June.2013
PLAN / MoE 23 km Turnkey Project Erbil Dec.2012 Nov.2013
Mass Global / MoE 20 km Turnkey Project Sulaimaniyah Sep.2012 Jul.2013
Mass Global / MoE 217.8 km Turnkey Project Erbil Jun.2011 Nov.2013
KAR / MoE 66.2 km Turnkey Project Erbil Aug.2013 Sep.2014
Zagros / MoE 77 km Reconductoring Erbil Sept.2012 Jan.2014
Mass Global / MoE 156.3 km Turnkey Project Erbil Aug.2012 Feb.2014
Mass Global / MoE 34.8 km Turnkey Project Dohuk July.2013 Oct. 14
KAR / MoE 73.4 km Turnkey Project Erbil Jan.2015 Feb.2016
PLAN / MoE 41.6 km Line Design and Stringing of Conductor & OPGW Erbil May/12 Apr.2014
GRD Cement Co. 3 km Turnkey Project Sulaimaniyah June/13 April/14
GamArak / MoE 140 km Stringing of Conductor and OPGW Sulaimaniyah January/14 April/14
KAR / MoE 11.4 km Turnkey Project Erbil January/14 June/14
Mass Global / MoE 53.4 km Turnkey Project Erbil August/14 Sept.2015
Gasin Cement Co./ MoE 17.7 km Turnkey Project Sulaimaniyah July/14 January.15
KAR / MoE 10.3 km Turnkey Project Erbil March/14 January.16
Qaiwan Group / MoE 3.4 km Turnkey Project Sulaimaniyah April/15 July.15
Mass 69.3 km Turnkey Project Erbil Dec,2015 Feb,2016
Mass Global / MoE 2 km Turnkey Project Erbil Jan.2016 March.16
Mass Global / MoE 4 km Turnkey Project Erbil Feb.2016 April.16
Shandz / MoE 13.6 km Line Design and Stringing for OHTL's Sulaimaniyah July/15 April/16
Mass Global 14.3 km Turnkey Project Erbil October/14 May/16
Mass Global 4 km Turnkey Project Sulaimaniyah February/14 ongoing
Shandz / MoE 90 km Line Design and Stringing for OHTL's Erbil May/14 ongoing
Zozik / MoE 30 km Turnkey Project Dohuk March/14 August/16
KAR / MoE 22.1 km Turnkey Project Dohuk February/17 October/17
KAR / MoE 11 km Turnkey Project Erbil February/17 October/17
KAR / MoE 10.6 km Turnkey Project Erbil February/17 April.17
KAR / MoE 40.7 km Turnkey Project Erbil March/17 ongoing
MASS / MoE 1.8 km Turnkey Project Erbil February/17 April.17
MoE 1 km Engineering & Installation Works Dohuk March/17 April.17
DNO 32.5 km Line Design for OHTL Dohuk September/17 October/17
World Bridge / MoE 25 km Turnkey Project Erbil October/17 ongoing
Zozik / MoE 98 km Turnkey Project Erbil May/17 ongoing
Zozik / MoE 45 km Turnkey Project Erbil May/17 ongoing
KAR Co. / MoE 35.4 km Turnkey Project Najaf December/17 ongoing